Explorer Features

“For me and my agency, it’s been totally game changing. If you’re not using it, you’re not doing SEO properly.” Kogneta

We don't look at or share your data. Period.

Your data stays private. Our team doesn’t look at, aggregate, anonymize, share or sell your data to anyone.

Explorer stores your data either in your Google Cloud Project or a managed Google Cloud Project. The only people who have access are the people you add. 

Custom Page Segments

You’ll love being able to segment your data by any URL pattern you want.

Think of it as the Content groups you dreamed were in Google Search Console.

This allows you to segment your website content by key brands, products, services, locations, site navigation structure and more allowing you to track what matters to your business goals.

This also helps you when performing site migrations by helping you track traffic changes pre-post migration.


Custom query classification

Maximize your visibility by creating content that reaches prospects from when they begin their research to when they’re ready to purchase. 


With Branch Explorer, you’ll get customized query classifications that allow you to capture leads at each phase of the customer journey.

Position bucketing

You’ll love being able to segment your data by position to easily identify low hanging fruit search queries.  


Branch Explorer instantly highlights opportunities by quickly aggregating data to analyze ranking performance in positions 1-10, 11-20 and so on.

Change Explorer

Technical SEO Forensic Analysis

Change Explorer, allows you to quickly spot which directories, pages, and queries are responsible for big changes in clicks, impressions, and position.

This makes deeper analysis into potential issues with migrations, page template changes both faster and easier than in Google Search Console or with time consuming pivot tables in Excel or Google Sheets. 


Question-based search terms

With voice search and Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) feature, queries beginning with “Who”, “What”, “Where”, “When”, “Why” and “How” are more prevalent than ever.


With Explorer, you can easily filter through question-based search terms to supercharge your FAQ content. 

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Millions of rows of search data

More data = more opportunity. 


Explorer pulls in up to 50k rows of Google Search Console query data per day, smashing GSC’s 1,000 row limit. You’ll uncover revenue-driving insights you can’t see elsewhere. 


Trend data

The information your audience is looking for is constantly changing. Keeping a pulse on trends doesn’t just help your keyword strategy, it also guides your content strategy.


Get ahead of competition and stay relevant by easily monitoring aggregate trends for pages and queries over time.


Save valuable time

Explorer saves you time in a number of ways:

  • The Looker Studio powered tool is screaming fast which allows you to explore data at the speed of your analysis.
  • Custom segmentation of URLs and queries means that every time you use the tool, it’s faster and easier to get to insights.
  • Explorer’s advanced views help you identify keyword cannibalization, see what’s driving changes to your pages and target specific problems to find solutions quicker than ever before.

Algorithm Explorer

Finally, perform deep forensic tech SEO analysis by directory, page or query.


We’ve partnered with Marie Haynes Consulting to show how announced and unannounced algorithm updates are impacting your website. 

algorithm explorer annotations

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“The faster I’m able to pull data, the faster I’m able to make decisions or change plans that we had already made.

It definitely makes us more agile as an agency and as someone helping clients grow."

Kim Doughty, Rickety Roo