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Explorer for Search is for agencies, SEO practitioners and content creators wanting to unlock quality insights that achieve profitable results.

A tool created by the people, for the people.

We get it, you’re busy and need a way to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness. That’s why we created a tool that allows SEOs to get a leg up on competition and stop wasting time and money wrangling data. 


With Explorer for Search, you get the historical data and clarity you need to identify opportunities that make a big impact.


“(Explorer for Search) allows me to find stuff I would never have found on my own. That’s what I love about this tool…it’s actually showing me what is bringing in traffic for my client.”

Matt Pressnall, Perception Builder 

Ever ask yourself…

  • Are there important content opportunities hiding in the long tail?
  • What topics does my audience care about most? How well is my website covering them?
  • How do people search for my brand?
  • Which of my business areas are increasing in organic rank, and which are decreasing?
  • What keywords are trending right now?
  • How do people research my products/services?
  • Do I have multiple pages that are showing up for the same query? Am I competing with myself?


With Explorer for Search, you’ll have up-to-date answers to these questions (and more!) at your fingertips.


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